What's Next 30x30: Co-creation

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- Size: 24 (L) x 17 (W) x 4.5 (H)

Binding: Hardback, 386 pages

- Language: Chinese

- Author: Stanley Wong (anothermountainman)

- Publisher: The Commercial Press (HK) Ltd, 2014

Part One: What's Next 30x30: Dialogue

Part Two: What's Next 30x30: Co-creation

anothermountainman initiated the “what’s next 30×30″ creative project on the thirtieth year of his creative career. look back, be present and move forward, Individually and collectively. Presents a creative future with humanistic and social vision with 30 international artists/designers for the next generation in the integrated forms of dialogue, art exhibition, forums and finally comes to the books.

The books are a details archives which are creatived based on the works contributed and collaborated by the 30 international artists and designers with anothermountainman.

The books include part one, dialoge with all guests for the topic “what’s next”, in which cover the current issues on creative education, social issues and creative values, etc. Part two is the book about the exhibition.