Human Postcard

All Things Bright and Beautiful

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- Size : 14.3 x 9.7 cm

- Paper : Heavy weight (250gsm) textured paper

- Back: Blank

- Style: Imperfect Postcard/ Born Free Postcard/ Make a Difference Postcard/ Beach Postcard/ Tears Postcard/ Wall Postcard/ Wonderfully Made Postcard/ Limited Postcard/ Kindness Postcard/ Specks Postcard/ Accept Postcard/ Rest Postcard/ Silly Postcard

Before robots rule the world, let’s not forget to be human

In the age of artificial intelligence, humans are considered inferior, weak, and irrational...

Are we on the brink of extinction?
What is there to learn about being human?

Humans may be small and slow, but we’re free.
We stumble and fall, but we have each other.
We’re weird and imperfect, but we are valuable beyond measure.