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- Size: 16.8 (L) x 12 (W) x 4.4 (H) cm

Binding: Soft cover, 541pages

- Language: Chinese 

- Author: Stanley Wong (anothermountainman)

- Publisher: The Commercial Press (HK) Ltd, 2019


“I have four futures: one right before my eyes that I can grasp, one I believe by heart yet far away from now, one after life comes to an end, and one more with great importance, is the future that I can work on when I wake up in the morning.”
– anothermountainman

turning 60, anothermountainman has worked for 40 years.

things he has thought of, written, heard of, said and did in all these years, are not something that can be easily conclude or make an abstract of. this book includes his own words, what people said about him, what he finds inspiring, as well as his response to others. there are writings, aphorisms, creations, interviews, excerpts etc., which add up to almost 100,000 words, exploring ways to work towards the goal of achieving harmony.

no matter it is Stanley Wong or anothermountainman, or a crossover of the two identities, he has lived a fruitful life through gaining experiences and mind precipitations.

sixty years may only represent a certain point in time, but at this moment, when we reflect on the past, it is more a new beginning to welcome the unknown future.