Orientations Jan Feb 2022

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- Size: 28.6 (L) x 21.1 (W) cm

- Binding: softcover, 106 pages

- Language: English

- Publisher: Orientations Magazine Limited, 2021


Tao Wang. Nature and Empathy: Some Notable Flower Paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago

Colin Mackenzie. Glory Restored and Restored Glory: Tang and Song Buddhist Sculptures in the Art Institute of Chicago

Madhuvanti Ghose. The Monumental Buddha from Nagapattinam: The Many Lives of an Art Institute Icon

Janice Katz. A Centre for Japanese Prints

Yeonsoo Chee. A Journey to Salvation: Kshitigarbha Painting at the Art Institute of Chicago

Jin Xu and Taylor Chisato Stewart. Echo of a Distant Past: Sino-Sogdian Elements in Persian Book Illustrations

Yi Yi Mon (Rosaline) Kyo. Spiritual Mountains: Wesley Tongson’s Transcendence in Ink Painting

Bing Zhao. Painted Enamel Wares in Sino-French Exchanges During the 18th Century

Bing Zhao. From European Colour Pigments to Chinoiserie Images Painted Enamel Ware and the Hybridization of Arts in the 18th Century Qing Court

He Wang. French-Reproduced Copper-Bodied Painted Enamel Wares of the Qianlong Reign

Philippe Colomban. The Discovery and Comparison of the Manufacturing Secrets of Enamelled Masterpieces

Sandrine Girardier. Eighteenth-Century Swiss Luxury Watches in China