Yong Mun Sen in Nanyang 楊曼生與南洋

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

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Program on 21 April 2023: Yong Mun Sen in Nanyang

- Size: 29.5 cm (L) x 23 cm (W) 
- Binding: Softcover, 296 pages

- Language: English

- Publisher: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, 2023

Yong Mun Sen is one of the most iconic Southeast Asian artists of the 20th century, Yong Mun Sen (1896 – 1962), also an instrumental figure in the academy’s founding history. Yong Mun Sen in Nanyang 楊曼生與南洋 traces Yong’s story and role as a visionary artmaker and educator. A luminary who took life as a source of daily inspiration, he was keenly observant of his surroundings, and acknowledged the beauty of where he dwelled through his practice. His works display technical finesse, compellingly reflecting the cultural, societal, and economic progress of his time . This book is a 224-page publication with over 100 full-colour images of the works and accompanying essays that provide insights into the life and work of Yong Mun Sen. Articulated through a collaborative effort that is both about art and education,  the research, reflections and thoughts by Southeast Asian art historians and academics including Yeo Mang Thong, Simon Soon, Bridget Tracy Tan, and Lok Tok feature in this seminal tome.

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