Tsunan Museum of the Lost 津南失われたもの博物館


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- Size: 23.5 (L) x 18.4 (W) cm  

- Binding:  Box set of a 110-page hardcover book, 7 offset prints, 20-page Chinese booklet and two-fold leaflet 

- Language: English, Chinese, Japanese  

- Author: Leung Chi Wo & Wong Chi Hang Sara  

- Publisher: The artists and ArtAsiaPacific Holdings Ltd., 2019  

Tsunan is a Japanese township founded in 1955 from the merging of six villages.The Museum of the Lost was founded in 2013 by Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong. The museum preserves objects and images in which the captured subjects’ identities have been lost or forgotten, namely those who had been photographed incidentally or become part of a photographs background, and as such remain unrecognisable or unidentifiable.  

As part of a study of history these lost identities are studied, interpreted and further disseminated by means of exhibitions and publications.