Mahjong Mix Print Travel Mini Mahjong Set

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- Case Size: 8.5 (H) x 23.5 (L) x 14.5 (W) cm

- Tile Size: 2.2 (L) x  2.9 (W) x 1.2 (D) cm

- Feature: Set includes 144 tiles, 3 dice, 69 chips, 1 wind indicator and 1 triangular marker  

Complete mini mahjong set in a soft zippered carry case with the GOD original signature print, Mahjong Mix. The case has a zippered pocket in the lid and a convenient carry handle.

Included in this set are 144 white tiles, 3 dice, 69 chips, a wind indicator and a triangular marker in a zippered mesh pouch.

Mahjong Mix has illustrated mahjong tiles mixing traditional tiles with GOD's own black Mahjong. A most popular pastime today, Mahjong requires four players to collect tiles in turns until one is able to collect a hand with a pre-set pattern.