Letterpress Food Notecard - Hong Kong "Bing sutt"

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- Size: 11 (L) x 11 (W) cm

- Material: Letterpress Printed on 100% Cotton Paper, with matching 12.7 (L) x 12.7 (W) cm envelope

- Feature: Blank in the back

- Style: Hong Kong Style French Toast (Sai Do Si)/ Hong Kong Style Milk Tea (Lai Cha)/ Egg Tart (daahn tāat)/ Pineapple Bun (Boh loh baao)

Good Food Good Mood.

Yummy food brings friends together. What's your favourite food in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Style French Toast (Cantonese: Sai Do Si), is a bit different to the offerings you get in other parts of the world. It's a thick cut piece of white bread, with the crusts removed, which has been deep fried until beautifully crispy, and then topped with butter and lashings of condensed milk.