Red Envelopes Set

All Things Bright and Beautiful

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- Size: 17 (L) x 9 (W) cm

- Material: 140g matte paper, full color with gold or silver foil

- Feature:  Each set comes with 8 envelopes (2 designs x 4 envelopes). Bible verse printed at the back

- Style: Turtle Set / Hippo Set / Family Set / Flower Set / Snow Set / Giraffe Set

Turtle set

福到你家 Blessings to your home
心想事成 Best wishes for all your heart’s desires

Hippo set
喜氣洋洋 May your happiness be as wide as the ocean
笑口常開 Always carry a smile on your face

Family set
老少平安 Safety to both young and old
年年有餘 Abundance

Flower set
笑口常開 Happy always
恩典滿載 Abundant grace

Snow set
歲歲平安 Peace year after year
福杯滿溢 May your cup overflow with blessings

Giraffe set
快高長大 Grow tall and
祝福滿滿 Full of blessings