Greeting Card – For Love

The Lion Rock Press

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- Size: 17.8 (L) x 12.7 (W) cm

- Material: smooth matte, high quality 290 gsm card, with an Lion Rock Press branded envelope

- Feature: Blank inside

- Style: Milk Tea & Egg Tart / Tea & Bun / Dumpling Wedding / Chopstick Pair / Mahjong Sparrow Pair / Sweet Tart / I would always choose you again & again & again / You are Wonton in A Bouillon (Red) / Made for each other (Red) / Made dor each other (Blue) / Yay for Dad / Yay for Mama / You are Wonton in A Bouillon (Green)

Send a big helping of LOVE to friends and family near and far from Hong Kong with these colorful, playful cards.

Perfect to put in your stationery stash for those emergency occasions! Ideal for an engagement, wedding or just to say “I LOVE YOU” any day of the year.