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Descrption: Monster Building – Wave, Size: A4, Color: Multi Color

The design of the exterior wall of Melbourne Plaza in Central looks like a series of endless waves. In fact, this landscape is composed of countless three-dimensional triangles. To enhance lighting, the designer installed windows on both sides of the triangle. At noon, the sunlight is reected by the glass, as if a wave is projected on the city center of Central. Like most commercial buildings in the 70s, the lower floors of Melbourne Plaza was designed as a shopping mall, luckily it has not undergone major renovations, and it still retains the charm of half a century ago.\

中環萬邦行的外牆設計看似一連串無窮無盡的波浪,實際上這片風景 是由無數立體三角形組成,為加強採光,設計師在三角形兩側設有窗 戶,正午時份陽光被玻璃反射,彷彿海浪投映在中環市中心一樣。如同 大多數七十年代商廈,萬邦行底層被設計成一個商場,幸好沒有經過 大裝修,讓它時至今日仍可保留着半世紀前的韻味。

Monster Building – Triangle, Size: A5, Color: Multi Color

Just like its triangular logo, Hong Kong Arts Centre is composed of triangles inside and outside. In addition to implementing the artistic style, another reason is the shortage of land. In order to make good use of the space, the architect cleverly created a triangular steel frame structure to construct a column-free interior space, using up every inch of land, and distributed classrooms, gallery and theater in this multi-storey building, providing a purely artistic land for the busy Wanchai.

香港藝術中心如同其三角形標誌一樣,整座建築由內到外均以三角形 構成,除貫徹其藝術風格外,另一原因是土地不足。為善用空間,建築 師巧妙以三角形鋼架結構作支撐,建構出無柱室內空間,用盡每一寸 地方,並讓教室、劇場和美術館分佈在多層建築之中,為忙碌的灣仔保 留一片純粹的文藝土地。