The Giant Eagle and its Companion Pouch 神雕俠侶 手提袋

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- Size: 24 (L) x 16 (W) x 0.4 (D) cm

- Material: PU Leather

- Calligraphy by Jin Yong

- Inspired by
  The Giant Eagle and its Companion, 2013
  Paintings by Lee Chi Ching | Hong Kong Heritage Museum Collection

Inspired by the invaluable Jin Yong’s manuscripts, original novel illustrations, documents and photos on display at the Jin Yong Gallery of Hong Kong Heritage Museum, this souvenir set brings you to Jin Yong’s world of martial arts.

- 材質:PU合成革

- 金庸題字

- 靈感來源
  李志清畫作    香港文化博物館館藏

香港文化博物館「金庸館」展出珍貴的手稿、插圖原稿、文獻及照片, 一系列紀念品讓你躍進精采的金庸武俠世界。