Scented Candle


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- Package size: 8.7 (Width) x 9 (Height) cm

- Made in Sai Kung, packaging made in Central

- Material: Vegetal wax blend 

- Feature: Lead & Paraffin Free / Free from dyes & harsh chemicals / All fragrances & oils certified safe / Beautiful Terrazzo container

- Style: Kowloon / Hong Kong 

- Burn Time: 60 hour

As much as there is to look at in Hong Kong, there's no lack of olfactory sensations either.

Stinky tofu mixed with egg waffle, the smell of burnt metal mingling with cigarettes and motor oil, a refuse collection point, the smell of the harbour... the list of things we'd rather not smell goes on and on.

So a scented candle that smells like Queens Road West is not going to find it's way into many homes, unless you're really missing that dried seafood aroma.

Instead, we chose to imagine what we'd like Hong Kong to smell like, and blended scents from all those rare moments when we caught a whiff of something fragrant.

This is our imaginary Kowloon - Ginseng, Jasmine, Tangerine & Oud. A Sweet medicinal blend with earth tones and citrus notes.

This is our imaginary Hong Kong - Osmanthus, Pomegranate, Guaiacwood & Vetiver. A flowery explosion against a backdrop of dusty Ming antiques.