Orientations Jan Feb 2021

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- Size: 28.6 (L) x 21.1 (W) cm

- Binding: softcover, 78 pages

- Language: English

- Publisher: Orientations Magazine Limited, 2021

Baihua Li. A Preliminary Study on Ancient Chinese Large Rectangular Bronze Plates 

Jin Xu. Evanescent Temple, Eternal Dharma. The Wanfa Guiyi Hall in the Post-Qianlong Era of the Qing Dynasty

Richard A. Pegg. Early Pottery Traditions of the Pearl River Valley and Red River Valley Delta

Peter Y. K. Lam. Museum Makers and Benefactors. Some Min Chiu Society Members

Nadia Sheung-ying Lau. The Meeting of East and West: Wu Guanzhong and Michael Sullivan

On-Tsun Fung. To the Roots of Kakutei Jōkō's Flowers and Plants of the Four Seasons

Sarah Handler. China's Ancient Gaze in Hervé Van der Straeten's Art