Decarbonizing Asia Innovation, Investment and Opportunities

World Scientific Publishing Co

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Program on 13 April 2023: Decarbonizing Asia - Book Launch and Panel Discussions

- Size: 23 (L) x 15 (W) cm

- Binding: softcover, 374 pages

- Language: English

- Author: Ágoston Tony Verb , Roman Shemakov 

- Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co, 2022

As more than half of the planet's CO2 is emitted in Asia-Pacific, there is no way around it: the region has to become a leader in the global fight against climate change, if we are to win it. This transition also presents one of the greatest investment opportunities of the coming decades. The region is the most vulnerable to desertification, flooding, and sea level rise, but also has most of the planet's people, megacities, and renewable energy capacity. The sky is the limit. This pivotal book explores the intersection of decarbonization, innovation, and Asia-Pacific. It provides a snapshot of initiatives by industry leaders and the public sector to reduce emissions. Through detailed technological analysis, case studies, and interviews of nine key industries, the authors highlight the emerging trends and commercial opportunities. The region must bring capital, technology, and policy together if we are to reach the most important milestone of this century: net zero by 2050.