Lantau Fun Board Game

People on Board Social Enterprises Limited

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- Size :  20 (L) x 15.2 (W) x 7.3 (H) cm

- Designed in Hong Kong

- Include:

* 1 Package Box

* 1 Game Board

* 1 Magic Compass

* 8 pieces of Character Chess

* 1 Game Manual in Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English

* 8 Character Cards

* 99 Action Cards & Function Cards

* 72 Lantau Fun Cards

- Suitable for 5+ year old

“Lantau Fun” is a board game based on the hot tourist attractions of Lantau island in Hong Kong. Players will tour around the Island like tourists, and use the cards in hands (i.e. Action cards and function cards) to collect the Lantau Fun Cards”. The first player who manages to collect the required number of sets of “Lantau Fun Cards” win the game. This board game brings great fun and joy to families, as well as letting players understand more about Lantau Island, including its geography, tourist attractions and entertainment.