Concrete Vase (Large -Tall)

Shabibi Sheep Workshop

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*plant / dried flower / branch excluded*

- Size: 10 (Diameter) x 11 (H) cm

Concrete: 10 (Base Diameter) x 10 (H) cm
Test-tube: 1.8 (Diameter) x 10 (H) cm

- 100% handcrafted by Hong Kong Artists

- Use a clean cloth with clear water, no cleansing material is needed
- This item is a fair faced concrete item. Tiny little bubble is expected

- Color: Light Grey / Dark Grey

This is a concrete vase with test tube.

People often relate concrete to "rough and block", this concrete vase shows concrete can also be "soft and sleek" . The use of test tube is to solve the issue of "concrete absorbs water".