Concrete Soap Dish

Shabibi Sheep Workshop

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*The soap on the photo is excluded*

- Material: concrete

-  100% handcrafted by Hong Kong Artists

- Style: Staircase / Ridges / Chunky

- Use a clean cloth with clear water, no cleansing material is needed
- This item is a fair faced concrete item. Tiny little bubble is expected

Staircase Design: 

- Size: 12.5(L)cm x 8(W) cm x 2.8(D)cm 


Ridges Design:

- Size: 12.5(L)cm x 8.5(W)cm x 1.3(D)cm


Chunky Design: 

- Size: 11.7(L)cm x 7.5(W)cm x 2.5(D)cm


This concrete soap holder helps prolong your soap by keeping it dry. 

No paint / color pigment is added in order to keep the authentic look of the concrete. 

The soap holder is then hand sanded to give it the unique textured look. 

The inherent water absorbing properties of the concrete material itself is perfect resting place for your soap.  

Great addition to any bathroom or kitchen and makes a great gift as well.