Mini Masterpieces

The Lion Rock Press

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- Size: 35 (L) x 24 (W) cm

- Includes: 35 sheets of 35 x 24cm 180gsm paper

- Material: FSC paper, as always

- Perfect for hen parties, kids parties, weddings, leaving parties!

- Make amazing signs and notices

- Use to create your own placemats

- Stunning classrooms display for teachers and kids

- Send something really special to Grandparents

- Curate a home gallery

Unleash your inner Monet and create your own home gallery with this ingenious drawing pad of Chinese frames. We think that anything – from first scribbles to stick figures – is instantly elevated to 'masterpiece' status when given such ornate surroundings! Suitable for myriad uses including travel, meals out and other situations where five minutes’ peace is needed, you’ll wonder how you managed without them.