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- Size: 40 (L) x 30 (W) cm

- Printed on Arjo Wiggins Scottish Paper Stock

- Made in Hong Kong 

- Feature: Fits IKEA frames perfectly / Analog Offset Printed / Supports local manufacturing and craftsmen

- Style: Tram (with Frame) (White) / Matchbox (with Black Frame) / Tram (with Black Frame) / The Sampan (with Black Frame) / The Junk (with Black Frame) / Star Ferry (with Black Frame) / Matchbox (Print Only) /  Jumbo (with Black Frame)/ Hong Kong (with Black Frame)/ For Hire Taxi Sign (with Black Frame)/ The Junk (Print Only) / The Sampan (Print Only) / Tram (Print Only)/ Jumbo (Print Only)/ Hong Kong (Print Only)/ For Hire Taxi Sign (Print Only)

A smaller sibling to our large 70x50cm silk screen prints, this beautiful, and definitely more colourful, 40x30cm offset print allows you to hang more than one on your wall, and is also great for smaller spaces such as hallways and study rooms.

Printed on a semi-automatic Heidelberg printer from the 1980's, right here in Central. That means nothing digital and no simple push of a button, it requires expertise and patience.

But the result is unmatched clarity and resolution compared to cheaper digital printouts.