2024 REFLECTION Calendar

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- Size: 18.2 (L) x 18.2 (W) cm

-Printing: offset & letterpress

-Special effect: embossing, foil stamping, frosted UV, spot UV, silk screen

- Style: Purple/ Grey


Charming tones, the interlacing of light and shadow, the exquisite and delicate lines, are they reflections, reality, or dreams? Should we hold on to that subtle moment or let it slip away?

The 2024 REFLECTION calendar brings to life Hong Kong's picturesque yet elusive “mirror of the sky” through the elegant combination of traditional offset and vintage letterpress printing.

Immerse yourself and find your own harmony.

2024 倒影月曆


2024 REFLECTION 倒影月曆揉合了傳統柯式印刷和滿載歷史的活版印刷,把香港如詩如畫、似假還真的「天空之鏡」每月地映現。