A Call from the Prehistoric Time - Works by Tang Ying Mui

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- Size: 26.5 (L) x 19.5 (W) cm

- Binding: softcover, 128 pages

- Language: Chinese, English

- Publisher: brownie publishing ltd., 2020

This is the first publication of Grace Tang Ying Mui.

Grace Tang Ying Mui has been engaged in the creation of art for more than ten years, and she has tremendous fun and satisfaction. The sense of fun and satisfaction does not come from the exhibition of the work, or whether the work is appreciated by anyone, or is sold or not. It is purely because of the creation of some works that Tang finds unique and that can be created within the scope of her ability. The recurrent theme of Tang's creations is the four basic needs of human: clothing, food, shelter, and transportation. Later on, my work also concerns the sustained development of the Earth.