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location: LG Level, Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

- Organically-shaped Ebony bangle with two carved Nephrite and two carved Jadeite buttons set in 18k

- Size: 10 (W) cm; 6.4 (Inner Diameter) cm

- Materials: Nephrite and Jadeite jade, 18k gold, Ebony wood

- Designed and handcrafted in Hong Kong (2020)

Undulating sustainable Ebony bracelet with two Jadeite buttons on one side and two Nephrite buttons on the other. The 19th century hand carved Nephrite buttons are mystic knot (eternity) and butterfly (rejuvenation), while the Jadeite are a ruyi cloud (self-determination) and a lucky coin pattern (fortune).

Jade is so closely associated with Chinese art, culture and history that this relationship is unparalleled by any other material in any other tradition. With a history spanning thousands of years, jade has long been cherished for its multiple functions, diverse colors and shapes, skillful craftsmanship, and elegant appearance. Hand carved Nephrite jade buttons have been collected and passed down to adorn clothing, hairpieces and be fashioned into jewelry.

Ebony wood from West Africa is known for its density and beauty. It has been used for centuries to craft precious objects found along the trade routes and was even found in ancient Egyption tombs.