An Ocean Adventure Makerzine

A Plastic Ocean

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- Size: 29.7 (L) x 21 (W) cm

- Material: Vegetable based inks on sustainably sourced paper

- Include: 46 pages

- Suitable for 7+ year old

This Makerzine facilitates a fun filled expedition where children can discover why the oceans are the greatest treasure on planet Earth. While finding out about the threats they face, children also encounter ingenious solutions to protect the oceans and find out how they can be part of them, or even invent their own.

Activities include:

  • A marine protected area – make your own mobile
  • An oyster hotel – build it and welcome fishy guests
  • Message in a bottle – share ideas with friends across the world
  • Plastic investigation file – find out where trouble starts
  • Letter to the Minister for Environment – ask for the kind of world you want
  • Fishy Facts Quiz
  • Draw the reef you want to see in 2029