Ancestral Worship

Chameleon Press Ltd.

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-Size: 22.8 (L) x 5.2 (W) x 0.5 (H) cm

-Binding: Softcover, 81 pages

-Language: English

-Author: David McKirdy

-Publisher: Chameleon Press Ltd., 2014

David Mckirdy ”Ancestral Worship is a homage to my adopted city. Hong Kong has always been a city of immigrants and I am simply one more who has been welcomed and made the city my home."

“The new collection deals with the Hong Kong of my youth and my relationship with the modern-day city that I have grown up with. Some of the pieces tackle the relationship between the colonisers and the colonised in British Hong Kong during the 1960s and 70s, when it was still a capital C and inequality and unfairness was rife. Other poems tackle how attitudes and approaches changed from the late 1960s onwards, coinciding with my own teenage years and political and social awakening."