Arts of Asia Spring 2024 issue

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- Size: 30 (L) x 23 (W) cm

- Binding: softcover, 147 pages

- Language: English

- Publisher: Arts of Asia Publications Ltd. 2024


Suntory Museum of Art: Beauty in the Land of Yamato — A Celebration of Perspectives and the Japanese “Wa” Aesthetic by TUSHA BUNTIN

Kyoto/American Painter, Daniel Kelly: Depthless Perception by HOLLIS GOODALL

Spiritual Naturalism and Cosmic Harmony: Early Zoomorphic Jades from the Collection of Ai Weiwei by HAJNI ELIAS

Artist as Teacher: Lui Shou-Kwan and His Programme of Ink Painting by XIN XIONG

Portraits of Power in the Late Qing Dynasty by STACEY LAMBROW

Northern Chinese Stonewares from the Five Dynasties Period to the Yuan Dynasty in the Shangyatang Collection by CHRISTIAN BOEHM

From China Trader to Architect: William Chambers, His Pagodas, and Chinese Export Painting by PATRICK CONNER

Hell: Arts of Asian Underworlds by JEFF DURHAM

Devouring Predator on the Waist: An Intriguing Chinese Garment Hook in the De-Neng-Tang Collection and Some Relevant Pieces by PENG PENG

(Saleroom News) Bonhams New York: The Alan and Simone Hartman Collection: The Inaugural Sale on December 14th, 2023 by DESSA GODDARD

(Book Review) Textiles of Indonesia: The Thomas Murray Collection by PAUL MICHAEL TAYLOR

(Collectors World) Interview with Wu Desheng by E. BILLIE HUGHES