Big Four Hiking Towel


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- Size: 100 (L) x 71.5 (W) cm

- Material: Quick drying super absorbent microfibre

- Style: Yellow / Blue 

- Feature: Microfiber / Machine Washable / Quick Drying / Super Absorbant/ Compass Directions / Looks Amazing/ Comes in a Handy Mesh Pouch

A towel for the more ambitious walks of life. 

Our Big Four Towel celebrates the longest trails of Hong Kong, The Four everyone talks about, Wilson, Maclehose, Lantau and Hong Kong.

With a combined distance of almost 300km, it is definitely not for those among us who choose escalators over stairs.

With a generous size this towel serves multiple purposes on your hike, from wiping off perspiration to cooling you down, providing cover, as well a clean surface to take a rest on.

Hangs out in its own little mesh pouch attached to your bag via a carabiner, ready when you need it.