Capeless Heroes Super Soft Crew Neck T-Shirt

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If the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us anything, it is that there are millions of everyday heroes that have stepped up to help the community in a time of crisis.

Not all heroes wear capes. Our Capeless Heroes have continued working throughout the pandemic to provide services that keeps society functioning and safe.

DETERMINANT partnered with illustrator, Missquai, a named Hong Kong Young Design Talent in 2012. Missquai’s illustration depicts relentless healthcare workers, persevering cleaning crew, dedicated delivery riders and logistics workers racing against the clock. She also shines a light onto others who are suffering in this difficult time, including office workers, retail and service staff, students and teachers.



Available in white and navy, the T-shirt shows how our heroes work tirelessly day and night to fight the virus and keep the world spinning.

Dark times will lead to a brighter future, the unique T-shirt is accented with yellow hues to show we can spread positivity and hope to the community.

We created the Super Soft Crew Neck T-shirt to be your ultimate wardrobe essential, designed for everyday wear with its softie finishing and super lightweight feature. Bringing comfort and function together, our 100% ELS cotton T-shirt is engineered with moisture management technology to wick away sweat.

- Colour: White & Navy

- Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

- Material: Cotton



DETERMINANT launched a capsule collection dedicated to essential workers, with the goal to inspire others to ‘pay it forward’.

1. Each purchase of the Capeless Heroes T-Shirt comes with a special edition DET30 ™Reusable Mask and a blank thank you card, to encourage people to gift the masks in a simple act of kindness.

2. For each Capeless Heroes T-Shirt sold, DETERMINANT will further donate 10 packs of DET30 ™Reusable Mask to partnered NGOs and trade unions.