Catch me if you can 智擒大盜

Mindopoly Development Limited

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- Size: 20 (L) x 20.5 (W) x 4 (H) cm

- Weight: 250g

- Includes: Double-sided cloth chessboard, 8 chess pieces, 30 pocket cards, 2 10-sided dice, 30 thief cards


"Catch me if you can" takes soldiers to catch thieves as the theme, and guides children to actively perform mathematical calculations.

Board Game Features:

- Turn boring arithmetic into game so children can learn actively.
- Co-designed by experienced primary school mathematics teachers, and has become a teaching material for many educational institutions/primary schools
- The teaching materials are mainly made of fabric and film, durable and easy to carry, practice anytime, anywhere
- A set of mathematical catching thief games played from kindergarten to elementary school, two levels suitable for all ages

Primary (Kindergarten) Purpose: Recognize numbers up to 100, Simple addition and subtraction

Advanced (Elementary) Purpose: Familiarize yourself with the multiplier table, Four mixed calculations within 100, Number Breakdown



  • 將沈悶嘅算術變成緊張刺激嘅遊戲,令小朋友主動學習。
  • 由資深小學數學老師共同設計,並成為多間教育機構/小學教材
  • 教材主要以布料及膠片製作,耐用易於攜帶,隨時隨地練
  • 一套由幼稚園玩到小學嘅數學捉賊遊戲,兩大級別適合各年齡


高級 (初小目的熟習乘數表、100以內四則混合計算、數字分解