China 2014: The year in books

Asian Review of Books

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- Size: 23 (L) x 15 (W) cm

- Binding: softcover, 213 pages

- Language: English

- Editor: Peter Gordon

- Publisher: Asian Review of Books, 2014

THE ASIAN REVIEW OF BOOKS is a pan-Asian publication dedicated to reviewing books about or of relevance to Asia. It provides an unparalleled forum for discussion of key contemporary issues by Asians for Asia.

CHINA 2014 includes a year's worth of reviews of books on or about China, including fiction, literature, poetry, politics, biography, history, religion and many other subjects.

“This is a collection which celebrates the diversity of China-seen from outside, and from inside, a China seen through its history, its culture and literature, its people and their stories, by the authors of the books here, and the reviewers who responded to them. How many countries could have inspired this rich response? Whatever we say about China in 2014, it was not a tepid, emotionless subject. It inspired passionate responses, ideas, reactions. Sometimes these were fearful. Sometimes full of hope... Thinking about the world means thinking about China. And this book is a great place to start doing that." ~ Dr. Kerry Brown