Concrete Base with Cotton Wick Candle (Small)

Shabibi Sheep Workshop

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- Size: 5 (Diameter) x 5.5 (Height) cm

- Material: Soy Wax, Beeswax, Concrete

- Wax: 70 g

- Burn Time: 10-hour (approximately)

- 100% handcrafted by Hong Kong Artists

- The cotton wick provides a better control on the heat from the fire
- Suggest to have the cotton wick trimmed roughly every hour when burning, to ensure the wax is not overflowed

- Style:
*White: Bergamot, Ginger Lily Scent

*Light Grey: Coriander, bitter orange, weed Scent

*Dark Grey: Black pepper, basil Scent 

*Marble White: White tea, green tea Scent 

*Marble Grey: Cedar, pear, ebony Scent

*Thunderstorm: Clary sage, cinnamon Scent

Each candle with a unique concrete base.
After burning, you will remain with a unique art piece, deco on desk.

We handcraft the concrete.
We also blend our own scent and special formulated wax to match with concrete.
All candles are hand poured by us.

All our concrete creations are in authentic concrete shades: grey and white. Base on the grey concrete and white concrete, we derive different patterns. The concrete candles are named after the concrete shades and patterns we have.