Bo’ ai Cup 博愛杯

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- Size: 10 (H) x 8 (Diameter) cm

- Designed by Freeman Lau

- Inspired by
  Bo Ai’, 1920s 
  Inscription by Dr. Sun Yat Sen  |  Hong Kong Museum of History Collection

Dr. Sun Yat Sen was not only a politician but also an advocate of humanitarian values. In many occasions he wrote ‘Bo’ ai’ or ‘universal love’ in Chinese, in his calligraphy and presented his works to friends and supporters. The character for ‘Bo’ is embossed on the outside of the ceramic cup while ‘Ai’ is found at the base to symbolise the subtlety of love. This brilliant tableware reminds us of the importance of love and kindness.

About the designer
Freeman Lau has been a staunch supporter of the design industry and is currently the Vice President of the Board of Director of Hong Kong Design Centre and the Secretary General of Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations. His works have won over 300 awards and many of them are collected and put on display by overseas museums and galleries. Lau has shown an avid interest in exploring the them on chair since two decades ago. His famed 'Chairplay' series was featured in exhibitions at home and abroad and hailed a huge success.

- 劉小康 設計

- 靈感來源
  孫中山先生親書的條幅    香港歷史博物館藏品