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- Size (Book) : 15 (L) x 15 (W) cm ; 

- Size (Write and Wipe Cards) : 14.8 (L) x 10.8 (W) cm 

- Binding: Board book, 28 pages

- Language: English, Traditional Chinese

- Material: Printed with non-toxic soy ink, Manufactured with FSC® certification, CE certified for toy product safety

- Creator & Illustrator: Agnes Wong

- Publisher: Dot Line Curve, 2020 & 2021

Traditional Chinese Writing for Little Learners

Encourage visual learning and character recognition. Each written character in the Touch & Trace board book is coated with a fine sand texture to encourage tactile learning. Simply follow and trace, one colourful stroke at a time.

Overview with English translations and written stroke order. Suitable for both native and non-native learners.

Practice what you learn with its accompanying Write & Wipe Cards. Double-side wipeable surface suitable for water soluble markers and crayons. Perfect surface for play with easy clean up.

Recommended for children from ages 3 and above.

Dot Line Curve - The book: with 12 colourful characters to encourage visual and tactile learning through simple touch and trace.

Dot Line Curve - Write and Wipe Cards: is a set of 12 cards in double sided wipe clean surface for multiple write and erase practice with easy clean up. 


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