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Description: An educational 100 piece double-sided puzzle.
Despite its reputation as a concrete jungle, Hong Kong boasts a remarkable breadth of biodiversity. From bauhinia to bulbul, kingfisher to krait, porcupine to porpoise, moray to macaque, enjoy finding 56 native species hidden in this stunning illustration. On the reverse, a collage of 12 vibrant photographs of Hong Kong species by renowned local wildlife photographer Robert I. Ferguson creates double the fun!

Perfect for children ages 4+, this 100-piece puzzle will help develop fine motor skills, problem solving, and pattern recognition. Simple to assemble and durable enough to withstand repeated use, have fun as your little ones explore the natural wonders of Hong Kong!

To enhance the experience further, a fun and educational guide detailing the names and behaviours of the wildlife featured in this puzzle is also included (scan QR code).

-Made with premium materials
-Luxe textured surface
-Size 36 x 25cm
-Ages 4+
-Illustration by Celine Ngai
-Images by Robert I. Ferguson
-Fully recyclable
-Made of FSC paper, as always
-Felt puzzle mats are also available at LRP