Egg Tart Tea Towel


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- Size: 77 (L) x 40 (W) cm

- Material: 100% Aegean Cotton

- Feature: Woven in Denizli, Turkey / Jacquard woven, not printed. / Wash hard, iron, starch, mangle, tumble. It's durable. / Celebrates the famous Daan Thaat / Comes with a practical brand tag for hanging

Who doesn't love an egg tart?

Christ Patten adored them, The Korean tourists can't get enough of them (if you remember what one looks like, no not a Korean, a tourist).

It's one of my absolute favourite indulgences in Hong Kong, after Mango Mochi, slightly ahead of dried sweet potato and dragon's beard candy.

So I thought it would look amazing on a tea towel, all yellow and true to the original egg yolk colour.

Gift this tea towel to anyone with enough sense to enjoy the more guilt-ridden pleasures in life. Or just someone who uses too many paper tissues in the kitchen...