Horse (“eHorse” by Kan Tai Keung)

Project Twelve

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- Title: eHorse

- Artist: Kan Tai Keung

- Size: 51 (L) x 16.8 (W) x 48.5 (H) cm (Sculpture only)

- Weight: 25 kg (Sculpture only)

- Material: Bronze with electroplating

- Limited Edition: 12 pieces


Project Twelve is a cultural and design exploration of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

With the passion towards the zodiac theme, I have been collecting different crafts of zodiac animals, especially horse, for the past 30 years.  The beauty and creativity of the craftsmen, the aesthetic illustration of various artists have been rendered in different collection.  Responding in different time and space, the horse has been elaborated into various glamorous gestures and spirits with different cultural essence. I have been nurtured in the era of East meets West, the clash of ancient and contemporary art and cultivated an ever changing mindset to pursue innovation and creativity.  This inspired me the subject of the Horse sculpture – eHorse, with the meaning of “yi” (same pronunciation as “e” means changes) of i-ching and “e” of this computer era.


“Since the early 70s, zodiac theme has closely tied in with my creative life. Back in 1971, Hong Kong Post Office issued the first series of Lunar New Year zodiac stamps – Year of the Pig and used my design as the thematic graphics. After that, from the year of rat, rabbit, dragon, horse, a full 12 years of the second series of zodiac stamps, till the fourth series of the Snake stamps and the coming year of Horse stamps are all my designs. I were also born in the year of Horse, this is the third time I designed the stamp of the year of Horse. Horse also becomes one of my favorite creation subject. In recent years, I infused calligraphy into landscape paintings and created the Chinese word of “horse” into the paintings.  I am honored to be invited by Project Twelve and become the artist for the year of “Horse”, which would be a valuable experience for my creative life. ” Kan said. 

Born in 1942 in Pangyu, Guangzhou, Kan has resided in Hong Kong since 1957 and studying art and design in 1964. He started his design career in 1967 and won numerous prestigious awards around the world. As an important role in the Hong Kong New Ink Movement in, Kan has never stopped exploring his own way in art and ink painting since 1969. 

Kan starts devoting in Art and Design Education since 1970s and has taught a lot of pupils who have also become outstanding.

Important awards include: Gold Awards, International Art Competition, LA; Gold Award in Mercury Award and Grand Winner of Galaxy Awards, New York; 1st Prize in the 1st International Computer Art Biennale in Rzeszów, Poland. In 1979, Kan was the first designer elected as one of the "Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons". Kan was the dean of Shantou University Cheung Kong Art and Design School (2003-2011), and now a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, an advisor of the Leisure & Cultural Services Department, and the honorary advisor of Hong Kong Museum of Art. In 2005, Kan was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Design in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.