Emomo Kit (Chinese)

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- Size: 32 (L) x 25 (W) x 18 (H) cm

- Language: Chinese

- Includes: Reversible Emomo Plush, Feelings Board, Feelings Poster, 3 Emomo Storybooks, Calming Blocks, Thinking Journal, Parent's Guidebook and Videos

- Suitable for 2+ year old

Filled with unique learning materials to help reduce conflicts and meltdowns, improve communication, and ultimately, connect with your child. Making social and emotional learning and positive parenting fun for beginners and experts alike. Suitable for children ages 2 and up. For all levels and abilities of learners.

- 包括:雙面毛毛玩偶, 情緒遊戲學習板, 我的情緒海報, 三本原創故事書, 平靜積木,
情緒日記及貼紙薄, 家長指南

這套學習教材有助減少家庭中的衝突和崩潰,改善溝通,並讓家長和孩子建立起更深的聯繫, 為初學者和專家提供更有趣地學習社交和情緒,以及正向教育的方法。 適合 2 歲或以上的兒童。 不局限於任何能力差異的孩子。