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Jade lucky cloud, emerald and opal pendant/
Jade lucky cloud, emerald and opal earrings/
Jade fish, emerald, blue sapphire and iolite necklace/
Jade fish earrings/
Jade lotus and ruby pendant/
Jade fish pendant

《沉睡百年美玉 綻現穿戴風華》


Enso Curation的古玉件均出自清末民初的工匠之手,有花件、祥雲和魚兒等等,神態活現,且蘊含祝福佩戴者吉祥高升、安康長壽,孩童快樂成長之意。


[[ Wearable History – The Story of the hundred-year old Jade]]

The beauty of jade lies in its warmth and transparency, while the beauty of time lies in its delicacy and harmony. Hence, it is the craftsmanship of skilled artisans that unveils the hidden charms within.

Enso Curation’s antique jade pieces were vividly hand-carved by artisans of the late Qing Dynasty. Jade florets, auspicious clouds and fish contain blessings to the wearers – to have prosperous careers, long and healthy lives, and idyllic childhood for the children.

These jade pieces were fatefully entrusted to the father of our founder in the 1960s. Our team reincarnates them into contemporary designs, set in 18K gold and accented with precious gemstones, transforming these hundred-year old jades into Wearable History.

• 香港本地設計和製造
• 原創設計,每款僅此一件
• 清末民初的手雕美玉
• 天然翡翠(硬玉)- A玉
• 18K 金精工鑲嵌,綴以精巧寶石

o Designed and made in Hong Kong
o Original design, each item is made one-and-only
o Antique hand-carved jades of the late Qing era
o Natural Fei Cui (Jadeite Jade) – Type A
o set in 18K gold, accented with exquisite gemstones