Fai Chun Set (Dino) (6 banners for 1 set) 2022

All Things Bright and Beautiful

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 - Size: 29.7 (L) x 29.7 (W) cm

- Material: 260g artcard

- Include: 6 banners (1 of each design)

-Feature: Each banner includes a bible verse

1. 彼此相愛 Love one another (Bay chee seung oi)
2. 無憂無慮  No worries (Mo yau mo lui)
3. 快高長大 Grow tall and strong (Fie go jeung dye)
4. 福臨大地 Bless this land (Fook lum dye day)
5. 身體健康  Strong and healthy (Sun tai geen hong)
6. 活出盼望 Live in hope (Woot chut paan mong)