Fai Chun Set (Peace) (6 banners for 1 set) 2022

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- Size: 29.7 (L) x 29.7 (W) cm / 29.7 (L) x 13.5 (W) cm

- Material: 260g artcard

- Include: 6 banners (1 of each design)

-Feature: Each banner includes a bible verse

1. 老少平安 Safety to both young and old (Lo siu ping on) (29.7x29.7cm)
2. 歲歲平安 Peace year after year (Sui sui ping on) (29.7x29.7cm)
3. 年年有餘 Abundance (Leen leen yau yu) (29.7x13.5cm)
4. 愛中成長 Grow up in love (Oi jung sing jeung) (29.7x13.5cm)
5. 福杯滿溢 May your cup overflow with blessings (Fook bui moon yut) (29.7x13.5cm)
6. 祝福滿滿 Full of blessings (Jook fook moon moon) (29.7x13.5cm)