Forever Pillow Cases 天長地久枕頭套

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 - Size: 60 (L) x 41 (W) cm

- Feature: Set of two (pair pillow cases)

- Designed by Kan Tai Keung

- Inspired by
   Forever, 2012
   Ink on Paper  |  Courtesy of Kan Tai Keung

These pillow cases are adapted from Kan Tai Keung’s ‘Forever’, a Chinese ink painting which demonstrates the perfect integration of calligraphy and painting.
As creative and dynamic as the original tour-de-force, these cosy pillow cases will definitely enliven the room.

About the designer
A world-class designer and artist, Kan Tai Keung is also a master of Chinese ink painting. He pursued his career in art and design as early as in 1967 and famed himself as one of the first pioneers in the local creative industry. Kan was not only the winner of innumerable international awards but also the first designer among winners of the Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons back in 1979. He is currently a museum expert advisor and member of Art Museum Advisory Panel to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. 

- 一套兩款 (一對枕頭套)

- 靳埭強 設計

- 靈感來源
  水墨紙本    靳埭強作品