Frogs in the Pond Bookmark 青草池塘處處蛙書籤

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- Size: 4 (L) x 6 (W) cm

- Designed by Alan Chan

- Inspired by
  Frogs in the Pond, 1977
  Hanging scroll, ink on paper by Ding Yanyong  |  
Hong Kong Museum of Art Collection

Capturing the vigour of a leaping frog from an ink painting by renowned painter Ding Yanyong, this functional bookmark oozes style and charm. Readers will definitely enjoy the pleasant company of this flamboyant frog.

About the designer
Being a designer, brand consultant and artist for over four decades, Alan Chan and his company have won more than 600 awards locally and internationally. He has made numerous creative endeavours and ventured into the new arena of fine arts since 2000. His works were selected twice for Shanghai Biennale and Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards. Chan is also the first Hong Kong designer being invited to hold a solo exhibition at the Shanghai Art Museum.

- 陳幼堅 設計

- 靈感來源
  丁衍庸 水墨紙本立軸   香港藝術館藏品