Golden Dragon

Chameleon Press Ltd.

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-Size: 20 (L) x 12.8 (W) x 0.8 (H) cm

-Binding: Softcover, 104 pages

-Language: English

-Author: Peter Osborne

-Publisher: Chameleon Press Ltd. 2005

 ‘You like dragon?'

The boy and girl turned quickly to see where the accented English words had come from, the sound so strange in amongst the chanting and chatter in Chinese resonating around the temple walls.

Three simple words spoken quietly by a wizened old woman in the shadows of a Chinese temple start Aaron and Elly on a captivating journey into ancient towns, incense-filled temples and crowded chaotic Asian cities.

As they follow their father's seemingly random visits to temples and other mysterious places, the children discover new pieces to a series of riddles that seem to be bringing them closer to finding a real dragon. Are the strange people aiding the children's search real, or are they actually dragons themselves? The children's father also seems to be part of their quest — does he really know the Golden Dragon?

The children's quest to save the last Golden Dragon takes the reader into the fascinating experience of foreign children living in another country, a journey interwoven with intriguing snippets of Chinese culture, religion, traditions and beliefs.