Greeting Card - Bird 2

Friends of the Art Museum, CUHK

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- Size: 10 (L) x 10 (W) cm

- Feature: a set of 8 greeting cards featuring art "修竹閑禽, 2013"

- Include: 8 greeting cards in 4 designs with matching envelopes

This greeting card set features the collections of Galerie Huit.

   Title: 修竹閑禽, 2013
   Artist: David Hu Wei 故煒
   Medium: 絹本 (4 x 112 x 40 cm)

Send your passion past the museum walls and share it far and wide with these cards.

David Hu Wei is a contemporary Chinese painter who depicts different natural sceneries with his famous Gong-bi technique. David incorporates a modern twist into the traditional Chinese Gong-bi technique in his ink paintings of exquisite birds, flowers and nature studies, by deftly adapting the conventional style painting not just on paper and silk in water-based colours and ink, but also in acrylic and oils on canvas.