Greeting Card - Hiding in Love & Snowy Gaze

Friends of the Art Museum, CUHK

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- Size: 22 (L) x 12.7 (W) cm

- Feature: a set of 6 greeting cards featuring 2 artworks "Hiding in Love 幽幔, 2013" & "Snowy Gaze 雪見, 2014" 

- Include: 6 greeting cards in two designs with matching envelopes

This greeting card set features the 2 artworks of Zaffer Chan Sui Ying.

   Title: Hiding in Love 幽幔, 2013
   Artist: Zaffer Chan Sui Ying
   Medium: Ink and color on paper (110 x 80 cm)

   Title: Snowy Gaze 雪見, 2014
   Artist: Zaffer Chan Sui Ying
   Medium: Ink and color on paper (94 x 157 cm)

Send your passion past the museum walls and share it far and wide with these cards.

Zaffer Chan Sui Ying was born in Hong Kong in 1991, and she is a graduate of the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She uses fine brushes and traditional Chinese painting techniques to meticulously depict nature. To her, painting is a way of expressing indescribable sensations and feelings.