Handmade Bhutan Scarf - Drayang Red

Ana by Karma

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- Size: 170 (L) x 30 (W) cm

- Material: 100% Teri Cotton, from quality Indian yarn

- 100% handwoven by Bhutanese artisan women

- Do not bleach
- Wash in warm water by hand

Drayang literally means "soft voice" in Dzongkha. Drayang is also known as a place of performance to showcase talents.

Likewise, Drayang Red Scarf has become our show case piece for our artisan weavers, as they explore new designs for the scarf. Traditionally, scarfs made in Bhutan are all symmterical, Drayang Red is their first creation of a design with asymmetrical lines.

Each scarf takes at least a few days to hand weave, starting from yarn spinning to tassel rolling. By purchasing one, you are also helping to empower Bhutanese artisan women to use their creative talents to become financially independent.