Handmade Bhutan Scarf - Mingmuu Rose

Ana by Karma

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- Size: 170 (L) x 30 (W) cm

- Material: 100% Teri Cotton, from quality Indian yarn

- 100% handwoven by Bhutanese artisan women

- Do not bleach
- Wash in warm water by hand

Mingmuu means innocence in Sharchop, eastern Bhutanese language. Bhutanese girls are typically shy, blushing easily, their innocence is so endearing. Woven in rose pink tones, this scarf is designed by Karma Yangchi, our first weaver, who is also painfully shy. So shy that she hid behind her husband when she first met a foreigner. Now, Karma - though still shy - has gained more confidence to meet with her overseas Ana and Ata (Sisters and brothers)

Each scarf takes at least a few days to hand weave, starting from yarn spinning to tassel rolling. By purchasing one, you are also helping to empower Bhutanese artisan women to use their creative talents to become financially independent.