Hong Kong Five Senses


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- Size: 30.2 (L) x 23.8 (W) cm

- Binding: hardcover, 96 pages

- Language: English, French

- Publisher: Caroline BOUQUET ART, 2020

Hong Kong Five Senses invites us to a journey in a city emanating the beauty of energy, vibrant, cosmopolitan and unique as ever.

To draw Hong Kong is to take the time to pause, to sketch in a nearby street corner, to listen to, the sound, the buzz, to absorb the colours, the odours, meeting the people, the flavours.

Caroline Bouquet settles in the heart of the city to tell us about it, with a pencil outlining its edges, a metropolis unaware of her existence. Neither an outsider not an insider, she observes it from the middle of a passage; and has a rendez-vous with the whole town.

To paint the city connecting the street and the hills is to work anonymously on the collective soul looking for its identity. She shares with us her drawings and poetic images of a capital which awakens our five senses