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Description: “Hong Kong Habitat Ludo” is a Hong Kong twist on the much loved family game. With players racing their playing pieces from their chosen habitat to the safety of their home base and learning about lots of native species along the way it's a great game for all ages.

From the deadly many-banded Krait to the gentle pink dolphin, the majestic black kite to the elusive eurasian otter, Hong Kong boasts a mind boggling array of fascinating creatures supported by diverse and vibrant habitats. 

In this dynamic and educational strategy board game 2-4 players can play this much loved family game, learning about all kinds of amazing native species along the way!

Includes an accompanying 20 page downloadable wildlife guide.

Able to be played in several fun variations depending on the age of participants, it’s the perfect game for mixed ages and abilities!

-Box size: 26.5x22.5x2cm
-Game board size: 40x46cm
-Includes 16 player pieces and 2 dice
-Artist: Laetitia Suen
-FSC paper, as always
-Plastic free and fully recyclable