Speed Racer Interchangeable Cufflinks


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- Size: 1.65 (Diameter) x 0.7 (Height) cm

- Material: Titanium, Swarovski crystals

- Features: Interchangeable rim covers

- Quantity: 2 pairs (1 pair of cufflink base, 1 pair of rim cover A, 1 pair of rim cover B)

*Set A: Rose gold, Titanium Silver (Rim A) x Titanium Silver, Metallic Grey (Rim B) 

*Set B: Metallic Grey (Rim A) x Rose gold, Titanium Silver (Rim B) 

*Set C: Metallic Grey (Rim A) x Titanium Silver, Rose gold (Rim B)

*Set D: Titanium Silver (Rim A) x Black, Metallic Grey (Rim B)

*Set E: Titanium Silver, Blue (Rim A) x Metallic Grey (Rim B)

*Set F: Titanium Silver, Metallic Pink (Rim A) x Metallic Grey (Rim B) 

*Set G: Titanium Silver, Gold (Rim A) x Rose gold, Titanium Silver (Rim B) 

*Set H: Titanium Silver (Rim A) x Rose gold, Titanium Silver (Rim B) 

Set A - D (Base): Titanium silver with blue brake caliper

Set E - H (Base): Titanium silver with rose gold brake caliper

Speed Racer series is inspired by motorsport racing wheels, featuring detailed braking disc and caliper, each set includes two pairs of rim cover in different design and colour adorned with Swarovski Cubic Zirconia, patented interchangeable wheels that is uniquely flexible to help enhance your outfit by choosing the wheel design of your liking to strike a balanced yet astonishing appearance.